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Terrain lac Tremblant-Nord

Lake Tremblant

Lot on Lake Tremblant-North

After several weeks of research, I finally found what my clients were dreaming of! A beautiful lot on lake Tremblant. Another happy family.

Lot by the river La Diable, Mont-Tremblant

Lot on Devel river in Mont-Tremblant

Sold in a few days only!

Lot on the river La Diable in Mont-Tremblant, sold within days.

House in Mont-Tremblant

Beautiful home with double garage in Mont-Tremblant

Sold in 29 days

Prime location! The new owner are very happy with their property in Mont-Tremblant.

Condo on golf course La Bête, Mont-Tremblant

Condo on the Golf course La Bête, Mont-Tremblant

Superb 5 bedrooms condo, sold close to asking price

This great 5 bedrooms condo is now the joy of a wonderful family.

Maison à Labelle

Charming property on the river

Sold in one day!

This Victorian property sold in just one asking price!

Condo Pinoteau Mont-Tremblant

Condo in Village Pinoteau, Mont-Tremblant

With great view of lake Tremblant

Condo  in Village Pinoteau in Mont-Tremblant, walking distance to Mont-Tremblant ski resort. Happiness!

Condo sur le golf La Bête, Mont-Tremblant

Condo on golf course La Bête, Mont-Tremblant

Sold within 87 days

This superb condo has found taker from overseas buyer.

Cottage in St-Faustin

Cottage in St-Faustin

Sold within 23 days only!

Cosy cottage in St-Faustin, for peaceful and relax week-ends in the Countyside, sold within 23 days!

House in La Conception

Large house with garage and shop

Overlooking the river

The desire of a young family filled!

Cottage in Lac-Superieur

At the heart of nature in Lac-Supérieur

Four bedroom and fireplace

New owners are very satisfied with their new aquisition.

Cpttage on lake Caché, La Macaza

Cottage on lac Caché, La Macaza

Immense terrace overlooking the lake

Cozy cottage with immense terrace overlooking lake Caché in La Macaza.

Maison à Mont-Tremblant

Chemin Paquette, Mont-Tremblant

Sold within 29 days only!

Only 3 km away from St-Jovite, new owners are very happy. Property sold in 29 days only!

Maison à Mont-Tremblant

Chemin des Hauteurs, Mont-Tremblant

Big lot, pool, garage and shed

Easy access, double garage, shed, pool and big lot. New owners are delighted.

Cottage on lake Gervais, Labelle

Cottage on lake Gervais, Labelle

Sold in 96 days

Full of potential. Located on beautiful Lake Gervais in Labelle. Sold in 96 days.

Cottage access to lake de la Décharge

Cottage with access to lake de la Décharge in Amherst

Sold in 16 days only!

Canadian style house with access to lake de la Décharge in Amherst. New owners just love it! 

Cottage access to lake des Écorces, Barkmere

Access to lake des Écorces in Barkmere

Beautiful lot, garage

Minutes from lake des Écorces in Barkmere, this is now home of a lovely young couple.

House in St-Emile-de-Suffolk

Charming house in St-Émile-de-Suffolk

Nice big lot, red roof

So charming with its red roof and big lot. Simply perfect for this young couple!

Condo on golf la Bête, Mont-Tremblant

Condo on the golf, Mont-Tremblant

Pools and playground

Located on championship golf course La Bête in Mont-Tremblant. Pools & playground.

Land on river La Diable, Lac-Supérieur

Lot on river La Diable, Lac-Supérieur

More than 300 feet of shore

My clients have big projects for this great location!

Cottage on lake Blanc, L'Ascension

Cottage on lake Blanc, L'Ascension

Sold in 9 days only

Cottage turn key located on lake Blanc in L'Ascension.
Very happy new owners.

Mobile home in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

Domaine Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

Mobile home

My clients are so very happy with their new home!

Condo Château Beauvallon

Condo Château Beauvallon

Sold in 31 days!

Luxurious condo located at the lake with outdoor and indoor pools, exercise room ... Great opportunity that my buyers have seized!

Condo at Cap Tremblant

Condo Cap Tremblant

Sold in 25 days only!

Magnificent view of Lake Mercier and its fantastic sunsets! Great opportunity!

Condo Château Beauvallon

Condo Château Beauvallon

Sold in 31 days only!

Luxurious waterfront condo with indoor and outdoor pools, spa, exercise room and much more! A great opportunity that our buyers have seized!

Cottage in Lac-des-Plages

Cottage in Lac-des-Plages

Sold in 9 days

Cottage with guest house located on a large one acre lot in Lac-des-Plages. Buyers and seller very happy!

Cottage in Arundel

Cottage on chemin du Golf in Arundel

Charming house in Arundel

This delightful house located on the golf course in Arundel has made the happiness of my buyer, long-time customer.

Condotel du village Mont-Tremblant

Condotel du village Mont-Tremblant

Pool, tennis

Located in the heart of the old village of Trembant, my buyers are happy with their pied-à-terre.